…I’m Still Alive…

I haven’t been able to post anything in a few months, but people are still visiting the page, so I wanted to drop a quick note, and let everyone know that I’m still here, and plan to continue to contribute.

Bottom line, life happens.  Things have gotten busy, and as much as I love theatre, this is a volunteer gig, and there are other things that take priority when the clock doesn’t have enough hours available.  The good news is, the past few months have been particularly busy, and it should ease off a bit now, though there will continue to be times that I won’t make it to a show.

That said, I have not been completely dormant.  I did see Duck Hunter Shoots Angel, by Theatre Huntsville, and The Diviners, by Calhoun Community College, and I did write reviews of them.  Unfortunately, they were for publication on the AL.com site, which had technical issues, preventing publication in anything like a timely manner, so they weren’t published at all.  There’s not much I can do about that, but I still plan to publish versions on my website, now that my schedule has loosened up a bit.

All that aside, the Audition and Upcoming Productions pages are still up to date, with the latest info available.

Side note, though there is a Huntsville Theatre Reviews page on Facebook, that’s not the best place to contact me.  In an attempt to reclaim my life, I have uninstalled the FB app from my phone, and only log in every couple weeks or so.  Best would be an email to HuntsvilleTheatreReviews@gmail.com.

Thank you for the support!