Theatre Attendance

Are we getting the audience numbers we should get? How big should our audience base be?

The Little Mermaid

Fantasy Playhouse’s “The Little Mermaid” is an entertaining evening, worth the price of admission for the technical elements alone, though it is more than just that. It is a lovely story, and the kids will enjoy the fun characters and general silliness.

The Dixie Swim Club

The Whole Backstage Theatre, in Guntersville, is producing the hilarious, touching play The Dixie Swim Club, through next weekend. This is a good script, with characters whom we care about, but this production doesn’t quite rise to the level of excellence of which it was capable.


The University of Alabama at  Huntsville Drama Department is running an outstanding production of Eurydice at Wilson Hall until 17 April.  This play is a sensory experience with a touching story, and absolutely should not be missed. The Eurydice character is more than two thousand years old, coming from Greek mythology.  She dies on her wedding day and…

Bluebeard: the Trial of Gilles de Rais

Evil Cheez Productions is letting the audience serve as the jury in a fascinating theatrical trial of one of history’s worst serial killers, in their original, world-premiere production of Bluebeard: the Trial of Gilles de Rais, running the next two weekends at the Historic Lowry House in downtown Huntsville. It is a fascinating, macabre glimpse into a little-known historical figure, which keeps you riveted in your seat.

You Can’t Take it With You

The Calhoun Community College Theatre Department is running a lovely production of the timeless classic, You Can’t Take it With You, in the Black Box Theatre on the Decatur campus through next Saturday.  There is a good reason why you can’t go more than a handful of years in community theatre without seeing this show…