Spend a wonderful evening with Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant (even Auburn fans are welcome).

The Game’s Afoot

A fun, enjoyable evening at the theatre, with a solid cast, and generally impressive technical elements.


What audience should be be thinking about when selecting shows?

Last Revival…

With a title too long for Twitter, “The Last Revival at the First Baptist Church of Butterbloom Flats, Alabama”, by Evil Cheez productions is a fun evening of theatre, with large group of zany characters.

Stage Manager

It is common for community theatres to misunderstand the proper role of Stage Managers, and how important having a good one really is.

Fiddler on the Roof

This is a one of the classic all-time Broadway favorites for a reason, with a touching, amusing plot, and beautiful songs.


While not the best Neil Simon play out there, it’s still Neil Simon, and Theatre Huntsville provided an evening of good laughs.

Rumors of a Review

Not everyone is happy about reviews. Some are secretly happy. No one wants to be the reviewer.

Smoke on the Mountain

Renaissance Theatre is running its last production in its downstairs space, “Smoke on the Mountain”, this weekend only. Get tickets early for this relaxing, comfortable evening of good music and laughs.